Deja Vu (produced by DJ Dino)


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New Goon ish... Bruiser!


Slash bash attack
back with the stack
bruiser brigade aint coming back
quick attack
bust that brain with a hack
touch on that rack
bitch in the sack
its like deja vu

Your mother fucking style lacks a certain quality
like lobotomy and sodomy
your moms is so proud of me
their crowding me
ter constantly hounding me
i need a sense of brief relief
sit down relax fast and smoke some weed

bruiser so high in the sky ask him why
smoked a bowl off demon shit 9 or ten times
my eyes are closed and I feel like Im crying
cant see the tc goon gone gone blind
I left a pack of cigarettes you smoked them all
prepare to be smoked by this guys sawed awwf
shot gun
you'd run
but i turned them trunks into nubs
its like what the fuck
its like whats up know its true
its like deja vu

killin bitches
everyday cant tell the difference
that one poor fellow he could have went to princeton
rich bitch done died while he's shittin
blood and shit up in this bitch shot the two witness'
Everyone deserves it
Make a mistake and Goon will help you learn bitch
teaching people with the whole truth and nothing but the truth
never let a mother fucker loose
lobbyist and rapists too
Rape the world with your corporations
and gas stations
Dumping oil for the trading
killing sons and daughters with your slave men
but no true way to try to tame them
subconsciously enslaved them
while you're virtually paying them
and playing them


released March 26, 2014
My good friend John Hankes AKA DJ Dino...Thanks for sending me beats and supporting brother!



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MF GOON Tallahassee, Florida

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