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I respect Danny Brown. He inspired me to make this mixtape. It really helped me through what I was going through at the time.


released November 21, 2013

Danny Brown, Bruiser Brigade, err-one



all rights reserved


MF GOON Tallahassee, Florida

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Track Name: GB Swatz
GB Swats
hit the deck
check the rails
and derail
I inhale
and blow the sail
man overboard
sound the alarm
finding packs of hunnies
and giving them charm
I have slain a bit of my brain
I sit and lay
and misbehave
Im enslaved but just braved through the day
working them crap jobs for that crap pay
Im going the distance above capacity
white rapping's blasphemy
your mouth has atrophy
and I agree
Not guilty no charges
Im just sitting at home doing GB Swatz
sitting missing hitting something better
hoping for that better weather
maube I can go for another double hitter
but Da Chronic's a go getter
better get wit her
get with that bitch

GB Swats Tra-la-la through the town
go to the shops bring them to the ground
Bruiser Crew
Wit da brew
did them shots and them GBs TOO!

MF Goons in the room
White boy rapper
Everybody go shoo shoo
or boo boo
dont get loose
get menstral
irration essential
Im no official
Its gravity Im into
Bong rips so nasty you need rhinoplasty
Spontaneous Pneumo
Bitch you dont know what Ive been through
or why I get loose
or why I kills fools
with ill use of bong like gravity tools...
GB Rips to the face fools
swimming in green pools the girls they go "ewww eww"
but theyre got and Im cool...
GB rip to the dome dude

GB Swats Tra-la-la through the town
go to the shops bring them to the ground
Bruiser Crew
Wit da brew
did them shots and them GBs TOO!
Track Name: Cereal Killa ft Swad
Yummy mummy in my tummy baby honey
comb in the zone while these words attack the dome
cereal killa
apple jacks
double vision
Quaker make her be your flavor savor
Krispy action with the leprechaun
magically delicious
Cap'n Crunch
With all his bitches
Snortin shit off crunchasaures rex
cashing pay checks
killin off the alpha bits
I cant see straight woosy off mary jane
Blunt to the face
Crip to end your day
Tony and Sunny
Giving frosted flakes to the hunnies
This dude can make a beat
got freaks in the sheets
lick her till she sqeak
shaking to the beat
start the catastrophy
haters they be blastin me
and I dont give a fuck
cause all them fools suck
try to rap now
but all you fools STUCK
go ahead
cry to mommy
cuz all your bitches
they want me
step up and get whipped
youll be sleeping in your piss
coroner say he shit
and "I aint got time for this"
Smoke till you float
stacks to buy a boat
I hollowed out her throat
but I respect no time to gloat
dont gloat

cuz Im a cereal Killa
Cereal Killa
Cereal Killa
Serial Killa
Serial Killa
Cereal Killa
Serial Killaaaaa

A cocky mouth that aint got no shit
I dont want your bitch
get her off my dick
she be like a tick
or a parasite
and Im paradise
dont you see the light
make you cum three times
yellin all the time
like a cut with lime
like it was a crime
and theyre calling cops
and Im in my socks
making booties POP
Like "Its business...It's Business time..."

"You know when Im down to my socks...its time for business...thats why they call them business socks...ooo"

Had about three pounds
smoked it to the ground
couldnt hear a sound
Im asylum bound
going round for round
punch after punch
and Im smoking blunt
blunt after blunt
and Im kicking stumps for some weed I must punt
Dude tried to hard...
Watched me pull out my gun

cuz Im a serial Killa...
Track Name: Twin Peaks prod. by Justice McCormick
I am the watchman
Light boy with soft skin
Softly Skim
So loud
Ear drums Broke out
and spoke out
criss cross
been flossed
and tossed off
Goon Raw
Tom Brokaw swag
Mother Fuckers want Goons Paws
My flow
so sick
this shit
hit ears like a virus
got that hydro
they know more than I know
stick with the sick flow
kill it with tempo
your trick think this shit is sick though!
my dance be like check this shit hoe!
Keepin the tempo...
Knock this shit like I was Kimbo
Im mental
Goon come back from where they sent you
Fuck a hoe
naw leave that bitch
She just wanna know where the weed is
she jus tryna get on that free shit
awww jesus
Im leaving
We Cheefin'
On summa this sticky weed and
roll with the hunnies
they comin
Im runnin
Watch a Goon be Stunnin
Quick with a quick trip
Goon down
Free Fall
Hard land
No sand
Seeing stars
Livin large
These radio songs is weak
at large
rollin dirty and deep
dont know where I am
no time flor sleep
talk about peace
talk about weed
talk about goon
busting up and leaving
Im free
at least in my head
without these beats
a goon be dead
nuff said
give head
thanks maam
heres bread
nuff said
no chance
for romance
no pants
and benz
crusty ol diesel
dont need them shiny things just the love from the people
Track Name: Mickey D's
Tummy gettin hungry gotta hit up the golden arches
Twenty piece nuggets in my stomach for starters
fat white kids
we're born awesome
eating crispy french fries while a goon parking
cookies on deck
soft and warm
bought 500 cause I know them bitches swarm
Big Mcwrap
or a double quarter pounder
sittin in the drive thru
my stomach gettin louder
drop two figures cause I wanna get blizzurred
Goon gettin jooky...
Sippin on that Sizzuurrp..
Mcdoubles...McChickens and all that ish.
I buy everything the menu lists.
Eat five whole bags feelin like I gotta shit
Everybody duck and cover the world is gonna end
My poo poo's orange
this place is not my friend
never going back
to mickey d's again...

No Mickey D's No Mo Mickey D's

Now I dont have any cash
starving as fuck
go to the D cause its food for a buck
Mcdoubles arent a dollar
$1.20 what the fuck
poor white dude with some shitty ass luck
so I get it anyway certain chemicals I crave
all these delicious fillers make a goon a fucking slave
eat so much shit make a dude insane
Mickey D's what I crave cause its a minute drive away
Mcdoubles Mcchickens...
buy them for my bitches...
smiles on their face you woulda thought that it was christmas
what a business
Ive got questions you got answers
Gonna give a goon cancer

cancer's cool!

Mickey D's
Track Name: Puff Puff Pass
Puff Puff Pass
I got the stash
bend over baby and shake that ass
MF Goons in tha room
so jump and down
as this beat go boom

Toke smoke grow gloat
Im a fucking show boat
kush from the bong got a dude blowing green smoke
muther fucker Im broke
spending all my monies
giving ones and fives to these fly ass hunnies
hoping they can love me
my disposition sunny
and theyre high above me
this stripper is right
how can I resist
but I touched too hard
and now the bouncer's pissed
now I gotta split
or split his shit
cause hes big
this fat as dude can snap my ass like a twig
he's like go on get
your goofy white ass is about whipped
so I go to my whip
get my gun and a clip
shoot asshole in the face and say take that shit bitch!
The people round here know Im the shit
took me some hunnies and then I had to dip
Rollin durty
feelin flirty
In the town
Feeling swurvy
and them bitches and worried
even when the cops blurred me...
Good evening officers whats the problem
Told me to step out
So I had to judo chop them
Goon do that so often
Your panties Ill drop them
bruiser brigade bitch
no one can stop them
now whats the problem
my gun can solve them
wrong time wrong place
them bitches...
I robbed them...

Bow Down


Click click empty out my clip
Goon be happy never give to shits and sit
wishin I could be somewhere else
this world is hell
and no one can tell
Im gonna yell
just give myself up
tired of being lonely goon on the run
having no fun
burn neath the sun
crispin me bunz
I need my hunss
Need a brew in my hand and a blunt in the other
calling my mother to tell her I love her
I need to run I need to find cover
goon went to hard
come to face with tha punisher
I'll be okay
I am no slave
I run the show
watch me misbehave
sit and lay in this cell that they paved...
and pay...
for what goon do everyday...
Track Name: Why I'm F****** Goon ft Animal Collective
Chriogenic sleep
traveling the deep
space at light speed
kush is what goon need
blowing on that weed
purple stuff indeed
but I gotta dream
frozen traveling

dont know what I must say
goon kill it anyway x4

This house is not a home
cant call itself home
give a dog a bone
and he will turn to stone
staring at the walls
blowing on that ganj
Now it starts to move
my mind I start to lose

My mind I start to lose
Thats why Im fucking Goon x4

Floating over lights
watching the worlds fight
the day it turns to night
losing all my sight
my skills I do apply
so stoned at parties
goon be a bit shy
but sly...

"this house is sad..."

Slashing shit like Riddick
Hit it and I quit it
This shits not your business
with my lyrics I admit it
Presents like it was christmas
and Im cherry pickin
Cougar for my present
tennis player (blonde) chick
playing tennis with them tits
pussy I be lickin
my neck got a crick n
she be bouncing on my
shit man
she wanna go again
think she was a fairy
but later found out
that that bitch was married
that shit I gotta carry
her dudes name was gary
his wife want goon
so goon swoon
then boom boom
booze booze your fuze loose
this bitch hornier than them horns on a moose

Goon swoon
then boom boom
go to space
then cruise cruise
drink out da bottle and get loose
thats why Im mother fucking goon
Track Name: When Goon Get High prod. by Aficionado
Flat broke
Kill weed like monsanto
Fucked that hoe
she be like baby meet me in the chateau
like shatner
stunnin hunnies with my blaster
goon faster
bitches screamin goon be my master
im a long laster
at cha
goon be doing craft work
making beats and rhymes never actually at work
hit that hunny with some moneys
took her out or I tried
bitch be like
"Goon you make some wack as rhymes"
but I'm fine
wasting away all my time
petty crimes while shooting tequila with limes
settle down dude you had too much
but im muther mucking goon bitch
so shut the fuck up
loud mouth skinny boy
rhymin silly stories
hunnies be like
"Goon just fuck me your shit is boring"
Muther fuck fucck fuck
thats all they care about
then hit up the college open they mouths blare it out
howd I sound?
sounds like Goon get around
small town
goon profound
fuck the whole crowd
thats why they call me mother fucker
wouldnt hesitate to fuck your mother

deep in her slumber
bum her
bitch be like
"Goon please take my #" x2

Loaded it up magical gravity bong
shoot it in
get real high
its so nice
I must fly
to my place
in the sky
abstract visions
delusion with precision
with a mission
Im so bitchin
she was wishin
she could get with goon
but muther fucker had already flown to another room
zoom zoom
thoughts in my head like boom bboom
Im insane
fucked up thoughts going through my brain
got no job
and losing my place to stay
but all i need is some will to survive
listen to danny brown to help me cope with life
GB Swat 6 or 7 times so I dont die
Thats what its like when goon get high...

When goon get high? He get high just to stay alive...

When Goon get high
used to be vibrant and alive
but struggled to survive
with all the greed and the lies
and surprised
that nobody pays attention to a country born on genocide
and disrespect for education
united nation
for inflation
no love for the poor
swimmin in the money
askin for more more more
fucking whore
ill skip through the shit we cant change
Im getting high to keep the spinning away
Im insane
Delusional from hunger
eating fucking noodles dont know why I even bother
buttered up salty shit
losing pounds really quick
skinny little fucking prick
thinking he can spit some shit
thats why they call me mother fucker
spit out a freestyle and lose to your mother
but Ill still love her

Ill still love her
Track Name: Goon
Lines like disney
taking your hunnies with me
cough up the tickets
invent us
I spit SHIT
wanna get with this?
they'll be taking pictures
Goon climb up the building
demolish it
smooshes to smithers
Goon wreck shit like a kid with toy figurines
Flow bacterial
these subs on it
I smoke chronic
Inhale exhale
so much smoke I can fart it
sippin on the bottle and im feelin retarded
they say that theyre in college but they always snort molly
life of the party but nobody dances hardly
I was dressed for success but success never come
speakers squeal vinyl humm
the bands will get funky but only few will dance
theyre all talking shit outside smoking cigarettes
and Im inside jiggling like there's ants in my pants
all by myself music drown by their rants
tell them to shut the fuck up
but you know you cant
like little babies at dinner drawing with crayons
Screaming baby be my man
While Im too busy with my face in my hands
seems like in these bars educated chicks are in demand
she gave me a wink
I said "bitch no chance"

Bitch no chance cause now its time to dance.